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What to pack: 

  • Current vaccination records:  You may bring in a signed copy from your veterinarian or you can have your Vet email to us at   FVRCP is mandatory.  Rabies and Feline Leukemia are optional but recommended.  We require the vaccinations to be current and have been administered at least 7 days prior to check-in.​       
  • Food:  We recommend packing enough food for the duration of your cats stay plus 4 days extra.  Dietary changes can result in stress and digestive upset. There are no additional costs for special food preparation.  This includes food that requires freezing, refrigeration or microwaving.  If needed we can supply food at an additional nominal fee.     
  • Treats:  We provide premium cat treats.  If your feline is picky or has special dietary needs, feel free to bring his/her special treats.            
  • Bedding: We provide clean fresh bedding for each feline guest. If you wish, you may bring your cat’s own bed, blanket or towel from home.                          
  • Toys:  We provide catnip and other toys for your cat to play with.  You may bring any toys/comfort items that you feel will make your cat’s stay more enjoyable.   
  • Medication:  Please bring enough medication for the duration of your cats stay plus 4 days extra.
  • List of any special requests:  Please notify us if your cat has any special requirements, behavioral concerns or dietary needs. Your pet’s health is our top priority and any pertinent information will be helpful as we try to maintain a relaxing and safe boarding experience.
  • Emergency contacts:  Please have at least two emergency contacts prepared upon arrival.